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Our Process

Steps to success

Shortest distance between two points.

Getting from here to there using our process.

Call us crazy, but we are a stickler for process. There’s simply no better way to help ensure that you will achieve your goals. Together with your Professional Wealth Management Group advisor, you’ll move confidently through our process. Your speed depends on your situation and goals, but we’re confident it’s the shortest distance between here and success.

  1. Reviewing Your Goals (1-3 weeks)
    During the first step of the process, our goal is to become intimately familiar with your financial situation and goals. Where are you now? What do you want to accomplish? As part of our discussion we will review your financial documents. During this stage our goal is to listen and learn – about you.
  2. Assessing Your Data (2-4 weeks)
    The second step of the process is when we really get busy. It will take us several intense days to scour all your financial documents for the information we need. We’ll look at your investments, your insurance, your taxes, your benefits, and your retirement plans. Then we cross-reference our assessment with your goals.
  3. Developing Your Plan (2-4 weeks)
    The third step of the process will culminate with the presentation of our first draft of your financial plan*. We’ll couple your goals and objectives with our assessment of your current situation, and then present an easy-to-follow financial roadmap. Several rounds of discussion, collaboration and revision may be necessary.
  4. Creating Your Future (2-6 weeks)
    The fourth step of the process is when things really start to happen. Now it’s time to start including all the Professional Wealth Management Group Specialists. Depending on your plan you could find yourself meeting with attorneys, accountants, and even actuaries. Each specialist will follow your financial plan to help you create your future.
  5. Ensuring Your Success (6-12 months)
    No process would be complete, or successful, without periodic reviews, assessment, and adjustment. At an agreed-upon time, we’ll review your plan and your progress. As necessary, we’ll discuss any changes in your personal circumstances and your goals. Finally, we’ll make any recommendations necessary to help keep you on track.

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